Vöhringer stove for sauna Maxi „up to 30 m3“ in serpentine + Rosso Levante

3,658.804,304.40 inkl. MwST

k.A.. In Stock k.A. 300 kg .


Dimensions: 600x610x960 mm

Tunnel length: 300 mm

Steam room volume: 12-30 m3

Power: 25 kWt

Weight: 170 kg

Weight of sauna stoves: 130 kg

Stove type: open

Mode: sauna

Fuel type: wood

Recommended wood length: 300 mm

Exterior material: natural stone

Door material: structural steel and heat resistent glass

RobuxScreen dimensions: 380×380 mm

Furnace dimensions: 300x280x410 mm

Furnace material: heat resistent stainless steel

Furnace thickness: 3 mm

Chimney diameter: 115 mm

Chimney connection: from above